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Giz Gallery '09 is just around the corner, but we're giving you, the reader, a chance to make a few last minute contributions.

We're looking for readers in the NYC area(seriously guys) who might have some old gadgets in good condition which might now be considered rare, exotic or just have cult follower status. Got a rare Japanese product that cost $10,000 to import new back in 1993? We want it.


One thing in particular we're looking for is a functional Apple Newton Tablet. We'd also love to see some retro gaming systems that are especially hard to track down these days. But really we're looking to you for any final ideas here.

Anything you might have that would fit in with the theme of Giz Gallery (you know, automatic pancake makers, singing tesla coils, 3D etch-a-sketch, original Sony Walkman, 1984 Mac, etc...), we're all ears (and hands). Basically, we just need you to be able to deliver any such gadgets to us in Manhattan, pending approval. (PLEASE DO NOT BRING THINGS TO THE GALLERY WITHOUT CONFIRMATION FROM US FIRST). And if you don't live in the NYC area, you can still drop suggestions in the comments.

If you'd like to loan us an item, send an email to with "READER GALLERY SUBMISSION" in the subject line, and we'll get in touch with you. [Image Courtesy of Dekaritae]


Read more about our Giz Gallery 09 here, follow @gizgallery on Twitter and see what else we'll be playing with at the event. And special thanks to Toyota's Prius — without their sponsorship, there would be no Gizmodo Gallery.


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