Call Notes Is a Cheat Sheet While You're on the Phone

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Call Notes is an Android app that lets you pull up annotations you've made in your contacts while you're on a call. Because what good are those digital flashcards if you can't see them when you actually need them?

So if you're on a phone interview, you won't forget to ask your potential new employer about his two kids. Or when you're chatting with a girl you've been out with once, you can remember that she's from Indiana. And you can add new notes while you're chatting, so you retain new personal tidbits. You might not remember who's who, but at least you have some help faking it. [Google Play via RedmondPie]

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Scantron Crothers

You have access to the whole of the OS — home screens, apps, whatever — when you're on a phone call, just hit the home button. So rather than installing something else, why not just launch Evernote, GMail, LinkedIn, whatever you need to look up?