Camcorders: HD for Consumers, SD is Hip Again (Kinda)

This is what Canon had to offer.

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After visiting six hours worth of camcorder manufacturers, here are the top five camcorders that have piqued my interest so far.

5. Sony HDR-UX7
Not innovation, just solid delivering. 3MP CMOS, 6.1MP stills, records to DVD in the MPEG4 AVCHD format. And a massive 3.5" screen.
4. Hitachi's Hyrbid DVD/HDD
The build quality is complete crap, but you can't question the merit of any camcorder that records to multiple formats in favor of the consumer. Plus, the hard drive allows you to dub off multiple, edited DVD movies with no computer.
3. Sony HDD SD
The balance of price and power is great with their lowest level model in their HDD line, starting at $599 for the 30GB model.
2. Hitachi Blueray Concepts
Yeah, these aren't real, but they should be. I wish there were more fake camcorders on the floor.
1. JVC HD Everio
I haven't gotten my sticky mitts on this one yet - look for a hands-on later today. They claim to be the world's first consumer true HD model (meaning it doesn't scale the 1080i image). I just want to hold it.


Canon is notably quiet. Samsung doesn't have their badass camera ready


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