Canadian Company Ruins Google's Super Secret Phone Reveal [Updated]

Image via Bell

Google did a whole fancy hush-hush thing about a new phone the company is birthing that is totes not a Nexus. It rolled out a cryptic website the other week with little information except for that the release date would be October 4. But the world is wild and unpredictable, and the Google’s new phone, the Pixel, got LEAKED by the Canadian phone company Bell, ostensibly by accident, when it posted a preorder page for the phone earlier this evening. The phone company has taken down the webpage, but everything you post online is forever, so the images remain.

This harkens back to when Amazon accidentally leaked the iPhone 7. Or when Amazon accidentally leaked its new Echo Dot. (LOL Amazon, get it together...)


Take a peek at the rest of the Pixel pics at 9to5 Google, a site working overtime considering it’s after 8pm and they are still blogging about Google.

Update 10:03PM: For whatever reason, the British phone store Carphone Warehouse has leaked more images and promo material for the Pixel. “Some specs don’t quite add up,” reports 9to5 Google—again working past its bedtime—but the site posted some product shots that look like they are from Google. Screenshots from Carphone Warehouse below:


[9to5 Google]

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