Canon Unveils HV20 High-Def Camcorder

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Just when we thought we'd have to wait another month before getting the full details on the new HV20, Canon took us by surprise this morning lifting the veil off its latest HD camcorder. The new HV20 is capable of recording 1080 high-def video in 16:9 format. It doesn't have a built-in hard drive like some of its competitors, but instead saves footage to MiniDV tapes. Like its older sibling (the HV10), the HV20 has a 10x optical zoom and built-in image stabilization. For stills, the HV20 can now take...

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3.1-megapixel shots (it saves them to miniSD cards). Finally when you're done shooting you can hook up the HV20 to your HDTV via its HDMI output. Pricing is expected at around $1,099, though we're a little disappointed Canon chose MiniDV over a HDD.

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I have one more comment on this memory issue... would be nice if the camera came with a small "starter" miniSD card. Especially for this price. An HDMI cable would be nice too, but now I'm dreaming.

I asked Canon Tech support about the maximum supported capacity of the memory card, here's their response. I must say I don't appreciate "we tested this with 1GB, but it should support 2GB". Um, how much more time would it have taken to test it with a 2GB miniSD card?!

Dear [me]:

Thank you for contacting Canon product support. We value you as a Canon customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you with information regarding your HV20 camcorder.

This camcorder's operations have been tested with miniSD cards up to 1 GB. Performance cannot be guaranteed for all miniSD cards. Due to the ever-increasing number of companies manufacturing and selling CompactFlash cards, we cannot test and evaluate all the different brands, sizes, and speeds of cards available in the retail market. Any card with a capacity up to 2GB that adheres to the Type I CompactFlash card standard, and is formatted with a 16 bit file addressing system, should work in your camera. Cards larger than 2GB will be formatted with a 16 bit file addressing system, and the camera will only be able to see 2GB worth of storage space.

Unfortunately, because we have not tested the camera with all speeds, sizes, and brands of CompactFlash cards, we are unable to speculate as to the performance of the camera with a particular card installed, or to recommend a specific type of card.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance with your Canon HV20.

Thank you for choosing Canon.



Technical Support Representative