Sony HDR-SR1, Hottest HD Cam on the Market

The folks at Camcorder Info have finished their lengthy thesis on Sony's HDR-SR1. For those who don't remember, the SR1 is Sony's hard drive-packing (30GB) HD camcorder. It has the same CMOS sensor found in Sony's HDR-UX1, so it suffered from the same noise problems users complained about on the UX1. It also couldn't top the Canon HV10, which held on to its best picture crown. The SR1 did provide sharper images with less fuzz than the UX1.


The SR1 also got pat on its chunky ass for having cool features like a mic input, headphone jack, its ability to shoot hi-res stills while recording, and for having a multifunction ring that lets you tweak manual settings. Their main gripe was with the Sony's clunky software which is required to edit AVCHD footage. Otherwise, indie filmmakers should be lining up as we speak.

Sony HDR-SR1 [via Camcorder Info]

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