Captain American going back for reshoots, but does it mean anything?

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Never let it be said that Captain America leaves a job undone. The origin story of Marvel's most patriotic superhero is going back to England for a couple weeks' reshoots, a source told Crave Online.


Although, as Crave points out, it's awfully close to Captain America's summer release date, the reshoots don't necessarily mean the film's in trouble. It could just be some pick-up shots. Meanwhile, though, Den of Geek notes that we still haven't seen a full two-minute trailer for Captain America, which has so far only released a 30-second Superbowl spot.

Marvel's seemed hesitant to release footage of Captain America all along — back at the start of January, Entertainment Tonight aired a promo saying they would be showing Cap footage later that week, but it never appeared. Then that 30-second spot finally did air during the Superbowl — but despite plenty of rumors of a full-length trailer coming soon, we still haven't seen one. Says Den of Geek:

[I]t's easy to read too much into this, and the 30 seconds of footage we got in the midst of the Superbowl went down well. Yet, given how important a trailer is in the modern day movie marketing campaign, the continued absence of two minutes of Captain America promo footage does, inevitably, raise a few eyebrows.



I know this is slightly off topic, but to me, the "red" in Cap'n A's shield looks a little, I dunno, bicycle waterbottle anodized aluminum?

That is to say, something i would expect in a girl's makeup kit or carried by someone in spandex shorts, not strapped to the First Avenger's (!) arm.

But maybe I'm being hypercritical.