Captain America's video-game trailer and toys show off Cap's arsenal of freedom

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Hasbro and SEGA both debuted a ton of Captain America goodies at this year's NYCC. Check out Cap's new ride, a sexy Ultimates costume, and his brand new video-game trailer.

First up, the video game, called Captain America: Super Soldier, will be out in July of 2011. The game, which uses scans of Chris Evans' face, takes place during Captain America's first tour of Europe during World War II. In the game, he kicks a lot of Hydra ass, fights Red Skull, and potentially plenty of other movie characters — but SEGA was mum on this. Here's the trailer, and some gameplay footage.

Next, we have a collection of new Captain America toys from Hasbro — and two new Thor toys that we decided to sneak in for good measure. Fingers crossed, Steve Rogers gets to play with some of these gadgets in the game and movie as well. Plus, if you were ever skeptical about the Cap costume concept art that was floating around, the packaging on one of these toys seems to back up the claims that these images are indeed representative of Steve Rogers' new duds.


So what do you think? Is Cap in good hands?