Car full of zombies crashes in Portland, baffles police and onlookers

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Last night, a car full of zombies flipped over on I-84 near Portland, Oregon. The zombies (who were just flesh-and-blood folks going to a party) were unharmed, but authorities initially mistook their undead costumes for real wounds.

At 9:30 PM on July 9, the zombies' car swerved and rolled onto its top on the eastbound side of I-84. Five crash victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries and went to local hospitals. Here are some more details from KGW:

Police said that in their investigation they learned that the people inside the car were dressed as zombie costumes and they were headed to a party at the time of the crash.

Sgt. Greg Stewart said people who witnessed the crash initially thought the victims' injuries were much more serious, because of the zombie costumes.

"We're glad that everyone is alive, despite being 'undead'," Sgt. Stewart said, referring to the costumes.


You and me both, Sgt. Stewart. The moment the walking dead become the driving dead is the moment I buy all the cans of Dinty Moore beef stew from my corner bodega and build a bunker out of them.

[Via KGW. Top photo (of an unrelated incident in Austin, Texas) via Thanks to Manny for the tip!]

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