Car Subwoofer World Record Set at 180.5db

Illustration for article titled Car Subwoofer World Record Set at 180.5db

When you're trying to picture how loud this 180.5db subwoofer that set the world record for the loudest sound for a single sub is, you can't picture jet planes or chainsaws or firecrackers. No, you need to go a bit higher—into the realm of atomic bombs and nuclear disasters. So yes, this Digital Designs 9918Z 18-inch subwoofer that's powered from four Stetsom KD amps at 26,000 watts is a rolling nuclear explosion when it crunks down your street. That'll show the kids (and the old man with the heart condition) who's boss. [Audio Junkies]


At first I was skeptical. Then open-minded. Then impressed. Then I read all the conditions and stipulations. Now I think I am not as impressed, but I definitely think it can be done...but it wouldn't be "that" loud probably outside the car, a reasonable distance away. A single, smaller subwoofer might really be the way to go.

Hey, even the pistol shrimp makes a 200+ dB sonic boom, and bubbles that reach the surface temp of the sun! (But it only kills something a few inches away.)