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For this anti-gravity experiment we will need one cat (preferably cute) and one piece of toast buttered on one side only. Now this experiment relies on two constants, one being a cat in motion will always land on its feet. And the other being when buttered toast travels from point X to point Y, it will always land butter side down.


Once the cat and toast have been properly joined together with the butter side facing away from the fur step back and enjoy, because there is no way for this paired object to reach the ground according to our newly proven scientific laws. Think about it, if the toast were about to land buttered side down that would void the kitten from landing on its feet. However, if the kitten was to land on its paws then the buttered side of the toast wouldn't be face down on the floor. There is no conceivable way for them both to land.

Illustration for article titled Cat+Toast=Anti-Gravity
Illustration for article titled Cat+Toast=Anti-Gravity

There you have it, the first ever kitten n' toast anti-gravity device. Now we must work on securing them to snowboards only then will we be on to something truely great.

Cats Anti-Gravity Device [Funnymos]


... not to mention that there is a HUGE hole in that theory - if the cat lands, the toast NEVER touches the ground anyway.

Back to the drawing board.

(do "scientists" even use drawing boards any more or just tap directly into some virtual collaborative design space supported by super computers?)