Catbug Flies Away With Your Free Time In His New Mobile Game

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Fly Catbug Fly!, made by Ludoko Studios, is really good at eating up large chunks of time. When you start up a game for the first time, you're liable to straight up lose 20 minutes of your time. Then again, that's the nature of mobile games, isn't it? The ideal offering is something that's simple enough to pick up but just hard enough to keep gamers playing longer and longer. And while Fly Catbug Fly! is no exception, it makes up for eating your free time by rewarding fans of the Bravest Warriors, a YouTube series created by Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward, with familiar sights, sounds, and other goodies.


Like most flier-games, Fly Catbug Fly! has the player control the titular character by pressing and letting go of the screen to keep him from hitting the floor or the roof of each level (which are all based on locations from the show itself). The farther the player gets in each level, the more difficult it becomes to navigate without dying. In the meantime, Catbug must collect random junk and drop it into randomly spawning portals to earn the player much-needed cash.

This cash is used for upgrades that range from silly costumes to useful power-ups. These upgrades are what distinguish the game from its competitors and make what can be an otherwise mundane style of play into something with lasting entertainment. It's fun to call Chris, Wallow, Beth, Dany and others into the game, but their presence also helps the player progress farther than they'd otherwise be able to. Other upgrades are more simple, adding extra lives (so nice) to temporary shields that keep Catbug from crashing (a vital purchase).

The music is also worth noting, as are the visuals. Both are taken from the series and rendered in a retro style that fits the game great. Even Catbug's own sound-effects are culled from the series, and he'll often toss out a classic line. But the funniest line plays when the player gets a game-over: the sound of Catbug shrieking as he crosses into the show's See-Through Zone (from the season 1 finale, "Catbug"). It's just silliness at its best and it helps alleviate the frustration of seeing your streak come to an end.

To be fair, the game only has so much depth, but when you're only paying $.99, that's ok. It's enough to kill some idle time in the world of the Bravest Warriors.

Oh, and the game is thankfully free of micro-transactions; otherwise known as the bane of mobile game enjoyment. When you buy Fly Catbug Fly!, there's no limit to how much you can play it. And it's nice to know that the folks at Frederator Studios and Cartoon Hangover care enough about fan enjoyment not to try to wring more money from everyone.

Check it out on the android and apple stores.



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