CeeLite Flat Lighting Panels Are OLED for Giants

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We know how excited you are about the advent of super-thin bendable OLEDs, but they do have their size limitations. (It's the reason that Sony can only market an 11-inch display now.) Pennsylvania-based startup CeeLite is working on a different technology for bendy displays of a much larger order.


CeeLites are just 1/8" thick and use up just 4 watts of power per square foot, but can be made into banners 12 feet long and 30 inches high. Rather than OLEDs, they use light-emitting capacitors that emit electricity into a phosphorescent substrate.


They may not have all the magical properties of OLEDs, and they won't be made into high-def TVs anytime soon, but they can be contained in simple plastic, which makes them more easy to bring to market than OLEDs. You might start seeing illuminated wall panels in restaurants and or self-lighting ads on the sides of buses.

The company says they are so rugged they can take the beating of a pressure washer. Great, cool, but how well do they hold up when it's hammer time? [CNet]

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not a "new" technology as you can paint this stuff on a wall... I like it and it's really cool, but much to be done to it to make it as cool as a nice 110" 1080p LCD hanging on my wall... Too bad my wall would fall down under its weight... If I only had a strong wall...