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Celebrate Earth Day With Baby Elephants

Illustration for article titled Celebrate Earth Day With Baby Elephants

Every day, poachers kill 96 elephants in Africa. That's something to keep in mind today, the 45th Earth Day. The celebration was first proposed in 1969 at a UNESCO conference as a day to recognize the environment and the hope for world peace.

In honor of this year's Earth Day, the 96 Elephants Campaign, together with the Wildlife Conservation Society, put together 96 seconds worth of baby elephant videos. But these aren't just any baby elephants. The footage includes five orphaned juveniles from Nairobi's David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant & Rhino Orphanage. Their parents were shot by ivory poachers. Other footage of wild elephants is from Kenya's Mpala Research Centre.


Header: Mabu, a male African elephant at the Reid Park Zoo. (Copyright Jessie Greger, used with permission.)

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That's a striking top photo, and makes me want a good 20 century classic portraitist to have done elephants. Did Avedon ever take animal pictures? I'm thinking no. But for environmental awareness, there could be a book of top photographers shooting animals as if they were people in a sitting.