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Celebrate the Moon Landing With Apollo 11 Astronauts

Do you want to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings with NASA up-close and personal with Apollo 11 astronauts? You can.

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NASA Social is a program specifically to reach out to social media users, giving them an avenue to reach audiences neglected by traditional media. Are you big on Twitter? The go-to voice of science enthusiasm on your Facebook feed? Can you match the perfect Instagram filter to any moment? Go on, drop in an application.

A total of 50 people will be accepted, split between two NASA Social events. Twenty-five people will join Buzz Aldrin while watching the National Symphony Orchestra perform 2001: A Space Odyssey at Wolf Trap National Park in Virginia on July 19th. On July 21st, the other twenty-five people will join astronauts Collins, Aldrin, and Lovell at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for a renaming ceremony to dub the Operations and Checkout Building in honour of Neil Armstrong.

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Attending is free, but you have to pick up your own tab for transportation and accommodation. Just apply fast: you've only got until 5:00 pm EDT Tuesday (tonight!) to get it done.

If these particular locations aren't for you, NASA is hosting a bunch of events around the country to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing, and to get people excited about NASA's plans to head to Mars.

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I just picked up a copy of First Man, which I recommend for those who wish a further look into Neil Armstrong's life.

Well, while I guess I don't have a problem with naming it for Neil Armstrong, it's always going to be the O&C Building for me; it's where I started working some thirty-seven years ago.