Chatroulette Map Shows You Where These Creeps Live

Ever wanted to know exactly where that disembodied penis you just met on Chatroulette is located? Good news! Now you can.

Chatroulette is a pretty slapdash application. It was built by a Russian teenager, after all! So it just connects you with a stranger directly rather than routing you both through another server, allowing you to see the IP address of everyone you connect to. And an IP address can point to where that person is on a map.


ChatrouletteMaps doesn't let you pinpoint everyone you connect with on Chatroulette, unfortunately. Instead it just lets you poke around a global Google Map for screenshots of people who's IP its captured. And obviously an IP address isn't like GPS; these things aren't going to be totally accurate to the street level. But if you're curious about which country has the most perverts, say hello to your new research tool. [ChatrouletteMap via Laughing Squid]

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