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Cheap, Scaled-Down iMac Being Readied For Students?

Illustration for article titled Cheap, Scaled-Down iMac Being Readied For Students?

Apple failed to introduce a new educational discount for iPads, but that doesn't mean they've forgotten about students altogether. 9to5Mac has heard that a new, more affordable iMac aimed at students will be released this month, maybe on August 16th.


According to their sources, it'll be a basic machine with a 3.1GHz dual-core processor and AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics card, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 250GB hard drive. While full details aren't obviously known yet (and indeed, this rumor could be nothing but hopeful speculation), it's very likely this iMac would cost under $1,000 when it's released.


So what say you, students? Apple's cheapest iMac is currently $1,199. Would you be willing to sacrifice specs for a sub-$1,000 price-tag, or is the extra few hundred dollars a worthwhile investment in your future? [9to5Mac]

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Seriously, who would need that? If we are talking about schools, then it's A LOT cheaper to get a PC, which will be more useful to learn, because it's still a lot more popular OS. If we are talking student's home PCs, once again, if someone needs it strictly for school (seriously, who does?), then getting PC is the better and cheaper option. If you want gaming as well, PC is the better option. Mac is only for those who got more money to spend on a non-gaming rig. For example, I'm a proud PC owner, but I'd love to get Mac, problem is, I don't want to spend so much money for it when I already have a great computer.