Check If Your House Will Be Vaporized in a Nuclear War

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Call me paranoid, but I spend nearly every waking moment contemplating whether or not I'd survive a massive nuclear strike. I mean, weirder stuff has happened, guys! Luckily we can now pinpoint our chances with the precision of Google Maps.


Would I Survive a Nuke is an aptly named site, giving you exactly the answer to that question with simple graphics and an abundance of apocalyptic options. In my scenario, with a one megaton Minuteman missile kicked right into the center of New York City, my outer-borough abode is pretty much screwed: even in Brooklyn, I'm covered in 3rd degree burns and dead within days. Ugh. If only I could handle a longer commute, I might have gotten away with mere radiation sickness.

For a fun Sunday activity, try cranking up the ordnance to a higher megatonnage, and expand the nuclear holocaust to as many cities as you'd like! Golly. Pair this site up with the radioactive materials map and have yourself a nice nervous breakdown. [Would I Survive a Nuke via TNW]

Note: I have a feeling WISaN is a better executed ripoff and/or "implementation" of CarlosLabs' nifty Ground Zero map. So props to them too!


I grew up during the worst part of the Cold War. We expected a Russian attack at any minute, had air raid drills in school, and many people built fallout shelters. None of it mattered. In what we used to call a "full nuclear exchange" it wouldn't matter where you were; the residual radiation, effects of nuclear winter and breakdown of society would get you sooner or later.

"...after a nuclear exchange, the living would envy the dead." - Nikita Khrushchev