China's Knockoff Apple Stores Are Officially Under Investigation

With an official investigation now underway, the party may soon be over for those expertly crafted fake Apple Stores over in China.


Reuters is reporting today that "industrial and commercial" authorities are giving the stores a thorough once-over, and that their investigations will examine brand usage, the supply chain and licensing.

"There is no Chinese law that says I can't decorate my shop the way I want to decorate it," one defiant fake Apple Store employee told Reuters, to which I must respond: Does anyone know if legitimate Apple retail stores carry Chinese law book software? This guy needs to brush up with a counterfeit version of that software, stat. [Reuters]



Trademark law. How does it f*cking work?

Seriously, I know China's a big-ass place, but how is it that enforcement of the laws and regulations they have on the books is so unbelievably lax? Do they just not have enough regulatory bodies and too much rampant corporate corruption?