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Man in China Builds Giant Transformers Replica to Propose to Girlfriend

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You know how when a guy courts a girl, sometimes the right move is a grand gesture? A bouquet of flowers to say you're sorry. A surprise weekend getaway to mark an anniversary. How about a giant Transformers replica to pop the question?

That's what this guy did. According to Chinese news site Jinyang, he constructed this three-story-tall model of Optimus Prime over the course of 10 months to impress his girlfriend enough that she'd say yes. The superheroic machine took 400 drawings, 40,000 rivets and nearly $10,000 worth of stainless steel and iron. But boy does it look badass—much more so than some silly toy.


No word on what the lucky lady said, but based on this photo, things look promising. [YCWB via Chris Buckley]