Chocolate Record Woos Your Tastebuds and Destroys Your Needles

Vinyl records have been supplanted by other musical formats many times over by now, but a band called BreakBot has found the perfect way to help vinyl reclaim its popularity—delicious chocolate records!

That's right, the band's latest album, By Your Side, can be purchased in two unique flavors—horribly inedible and possibly dangerous-to-consume plastic, or exquisite dark chocolate. The cocoa version can even be played on a record player with a standard cartridge, as long as you don't mind cleaning up chocolate curls afterwards (yum!) or only being able to enjoy the album just three to five times before its destroyed. It's definitely worth making a special trip to Paris where it's exclusively available from the Colette store, or you can just download the less tasty digital version from iTunes. [Facebook - BreakBot via Geekologie]


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