Christopher Lee’s greatest horror movie is getting a director’s cut

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Yes, 40 years after The Wicker Man came out — and of course I mean the British movie, please pay no attention whatsoever to the Nic Cage clusterfuck of the same name — director Robin Hardy has returned to the horror masterpiece to make his definitive version. Plus Archer, Enterprise, Kurosawa and more!


The Wicker Man

The 40th anniversary edition of Christopher Lee's disturbing horror classic gets a restored, all-new director's cut for Blu-ray, including two making-of featurettes and an interview with director Robin Hardy. But hardcore fans might want to try to import the three-disc "final cut" set, which including the theatrical release and way more extras.

Archer: The Complete Season 4

You either love Archer or you don't, so there's little point in trying to praise what is one of the best animated shows on TV right now. Suffice it to say, this is worth watching and owning for the amazing Bob's Burgers crossover alone.

Star Trek: Enterprise — The Complete Third Season


A.k.a. the good one. Now on Blu-ray, complete with a documentary on the future stories the show never got to tell.

Being Human: The Complete Third Season


Aidan has the vampire plague, Sally is alive but rotting, and Josh is no longer a werewolf. Fun times!

Throne of Blood

Akira Kurosawa's samurai-filled, blood-soaked adaptation of Shakespeare's play MacBeth. Including two different subtitle translations by a linguist and a Kurosawa expert, just for kicks.


Big Ass Spider!


I guess this got delayed from a few weeks ago, but I'd like to point out that star Gren Grunberg wrote the first Amazon review on the page, and he gave his own movie five stars. Wow.

Birth of the Living Dead


A documentary on how George Romero and a small film crew cobbled together the first Night of the Living Dead movie back in 1968, and how the movie became a phenomenon. As such, I will forgive its use of "of the Dead" in its title.

The Hunters


An elite group of attractive, globe-trotting teens try to collect and protect the world's mythical and magical treasure from the guy who played Jennifer Garner's dad on Alias



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