Chrysler Brings Car Radios Into the 21st Century

A high-end fancy car like a Lexus is usually stoked with all the latest tech stuff such as hard drives, but now Chrysler has gotten into the act, offering MyGig, a 20GB hard drive that you can order as an option. Our grease-monkey brothers at Jalopnik tell us the hard drive is embedded in the dashboard, and not only stores navigation data but lets you rip CDs as they're inserted, filling that sucker with your own music. It will also find out the artist, track and title info for you on the Gracenote lookup engine.

That's just the beginning, though, where Chrysler, the old fuddy-duddy of car tech, seems to be making a major push toward gadgetization. For instance, there's also an AUX input for rocking your iPod into the system, embedded Sirius Satellite Radio, a USB jack to play music off a thumb drive, hands-free Bluetooth phone calling, and separate audio outputs—one for the car speakers and another for listening to headphones if you want to watch a DVD on the rear-seat LCD display. Snap.


This tech will emerge on midrange models such as the Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Nitro and Jeep Wrangler. Looks like that merger between Chrysler and Mercedes, resulting in DaimlerChrysler, is starting to pay off for the Detroit end of that equation.

MyGig Has A Hard Drive, How About Yours? [Jalopnik]

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