Climb Mount Everest from Your Couch

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3D maps of Mount Everest is as old as 3D mapping itself. People see a big mountain and want to scale 3D. But there's now a 3D map of Everest that's 400 times clearer than before. Details!


How did they do it? The company DigitalGlobe teamed up with 3D RealityMaps and used a new 3D image processing technique that was originally developed for the space program, 'Mars Express'. The CEO of 3D RealityMaps said "with a ground resolution of the 3D data of 150 cm, our application is about 400 times better than that available in most 3D views". Better images mean better ground support (tracking, monitoring, etc) for teams who are climbing the mountain. In fact, the app is actually being used right now to help a 12-person expedition. See it for yourself, from the comforts of your couch, here. [Everest]

Image Credit: Wikipedia


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