Cloud Copy: A Unified Clipboard

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Moving text from your iPhone to your Mac usually involves copying it to an email. Sending the email. Copying it from the email and pasting it where I need to it go. Usually it's a URL or snippet of text I need access to while on the go. And getting text from the Mac to the iPhone is the same in reverse. Cloud Copy creates a cloud-based clipboard that makes copying and pasting between devices easy.

What's it do?

Cloud Copy grabs whatever is in your Mac or iOS device's clipboard and sends it to the cloud where it's synced with any devices you have attached to your account. A push notification tells you when a new clipboard item has been added to the service. You can have multiple clipboard items saved to Cloud Copy and the service works over Wi-Fi or 3G-no tethering required. Additionally, users can share clipboard contents with friends with Cloud Copy accounts.


Why do we like it?

Saving bits of text and URLs in the cloud is quicker than sending an email or working with iOS's wonky Notes app. I get so many emails in a day, anything I wanted quick access too is buried after a few hours. Cloud Copy keeps those tidbits available at any time on any of my iOS device. Plus, the developer is working on an Android, Windows Phone, and Windows version of the service. The biggest downer is that you have to pay for the mobile and the desktop app separately.

Illustration for article titled Cloud Copy: A Unified Clipboard

Cloud Copy

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The Best

Shared clipboard

The Worst

Paying for mobile and desktop app


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If you use Android and Windows, check out ClipBird. It's a similar cloud-sync clipboard app I wrote about a year ago. I think there's currently a bug in the free version that prevents you from creating an account, so do that from the PC then just log in from the phone (or pay the dollar for the full version and that should work). Maybe I'll get around to fixing that while I'm on vacation next week.


If you get the full version it supports background push features. Meaning you can copy something on your PC, then a couple seconds later it's automatically sitting on your phone's clipboard without any need for you to launch the app. Both versions will do background uploads, so you can copy something on your phone then paste it on your PC without opening the app on either device. (Use Windows Key + V to paste on your PC in this case, it'll sync you up with the server before pasting.)

On the Windows side, you can also hit Windows Key + S to snip a screenshot and automatically upload it to a private folder in Picasa. Once it's uploaded (which generally takes about 3 seconds) a public URL is automatically placed into your clipboard so you can show it to people. Since the clipboard is synced to your phone, you could take a screenshot on your PC and then SMS a link to that screenshot from your phone all in about five seconds without ever actually seeing the ClipBird app in either place. Pretty handy.

The full PC version is and always will be free. You can also use it to sync up two Windows PCs, which I do frequently at work to send URLs and code snippets between my work PC and my personal laptop.