Clouds and Grass Invade the iPod

If you're looking for a cute and tough iPod case, these new iPod cases from Speck might suit you well. These FunSkins are designed to cover your iPod thoroughly, as well as keep them protected from any dangers they may face. The two new designs are dubbed "Cloud" and "Grass". The Cloud case looks like a puffy white cloud while the Grass case looks like...well...grass, I suppose, but it's more like a rubber porcupine dog toy. Either way, these will protect your 5G iPod from falls, scratches or worse, so that you and your iPod will be safe. They even come with a belt clip for being extra dorky if you so desire. They're going for $35 a pop and are available now.


Speck's Cloud, Grass FunSkins Now Shipping [iLounge]

Purchase options for Speck iPod Funskin

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