This iPhone Skin Transforms Your Phone Into an Exploded Note 7

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As if having to return the latest and greatest device from their favorite smartphone maker didn’t already sting, now Apple fans can stick it to their Samsung-loyal friends with these smartphone skins that make it look like an iPhone’s battery has had a severe meltdown as well.


The iPhone isn’t immune from battery issues, over the years there have been countless reports of Apple devices having battery issues too. But the issue hit Samsung particularly hard this past summer, opening the door for iPhone-loving jerks to add insult to injury with this $25 set of skins available for every model back to the iPhone 5.

However, once you’ve skinned your phone to look like a nuked Galaxy Note 7, don’t even think about trying to get on a plane. It’s doubtful airport security will find the gag as amusing as you do.

[Uniqfind via Cool Material]


This iPhone Skin Transforms Your Phone Into an Exploded Note 7 Petty Douche

No fault of yours Andrew, but that people still give a fuck about cell phone branding at this time, of all of the issues in the world, let alone the US, is just mind boggling.