CNet Gives Logitech Squeezebox Duet the Ol' Editor's Choice Stamp

Illustration for article titled CNet Gives Logitech Squeezebox Duet the Ol' Editor's Choice Stamp

Logitech has been dying to get into wireless whole-house audio like Sonos and not a whole lot of others. Now that CNet has favorably reviewed the $400 Squeezebox Duet we told you about at CES, it may well have a shot. In living video, our buddy John Falcone explains the Wi-Fi-powered system, and notes that, aside from DRM protected content, the Squeezebox Duet gets at "any music, anywhere" including stuff from Rhapsody, Slacker, and Pandora, plus internet radio and podcasts.


Falcone was particularly excited about the Squeeze network, which lets you manage all your music online, and says that because of the open-source and Linux-friendly nature of Squeeze, the "tweaker or hacker type" will have lots of fun.

In the written portion of the review, Falcone mentioned that "it lacks the iPod's speed-sensitive ability to quickly jump up and down through long lists," something that scares me a bit because I have lots of music and very little patience. Also in the prose, Sonos is mentioned as an expensive rival good for people who want to fill five or more rooms with sound, or people who already own Sonos.

In the end, Falcone says he "couldn't be more pleased with it," which is good news for those of us unwilling to start at $1,000 for a wireless audio system, and bad news for the good people over at Sonos. Sorry dudes! [CNet]


Thanks, I'll keep my Sonos.