Coast Guard Intercepts Cocaine Submarine as It Sinks

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Drug-smuggling, homemade submarines are nothing newwhat a world we live in. And it shouldn't be any surprised that a bunch of coke-addled amateur engineers aren't able to put together the most seaworthy vessel. But here's one sinking mid-capture.


DefenseTech brings us this aerial footage (likely from a P-3 Orion sub seeker) of a hurried, last-minute drug boat interception—accelerated by the fact that the damn thing was sinking. Narco terrorists, $180 million in cocaine, and a sinking submarine sounds like a pretty exciting few minutes! Luckily, the Coast Guard enforcers made it off safely, and an FBI team recovered the seven tons of coke from the ocean floor. That must have been a fun dive. [DefenseTech]

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Can you imagine a shark hopped up on coke?