Cobra Atom Radar Detector: Speeding Ticket Protection Made Even Better (And Tinier)

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Cobra's iRadar has been one of the cooler things you can do with an iPhone for a while. It detects radar gun use from up to several miles away, and syncs the data with the data from other users. Now it's tinier and twice as effective.

The Atom is $200, compared to the $129 of the non-iPhone-connected version, and doubles the effectiveness of the radar detection in iRadar. Practically, that means going from about seven miles to 10-11 miles in the middle of nowhere, and up to about half a mile to a mile in city conditions. When the Atom comes out in May, it will also be available in a new under-hood model, for use by people who either don't want the stigma of using radar detectors (they're only actually illegal in Maryland and Washington DC), or for people who just don't want it uglying up their dashboards.