Cobra's Latest Radar Detectors Have Color Touchscreens

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Cobra Electronics has expanded its line of radar detectors with the world's first touchscreen models, which will let you know of upcoming radar and speed cameras. They've also got the first model for under $200, which unfortch isn't touchscreen.

The two touchscreen models, the XRS 9970G and XRS 9965 have 1.5-inch color interfaces. The former also works with Cobra's AURA Camera Driving Hazard Database and has IntelliView Pro which displays a pictorial alert with the speed you're traveling at. They'll be under $379.95 in price when they go on sale in March.


That $200 model I mentioned is the XRS 9550G, which can detect all radar, laser and safety cameras. It works with the AURACamera database which keeps GPS coordinates of cameras and other hazards online, for future avoidance of those nasty fine-issuing devices. [Cobra]

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Do Not Buy

Radar detectors don't work 90% of the time, the times that they do work it's too late, Plus a Police officer can pull you over just for seeing it in your car; it creates "probable cause" just to harass you. Trust me I've gotten pulled over for it before (wasn't speeding) and my wife's dad is a Cop.

Do Not Buy

/don't say I didn't tell you so