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The week's best Android apps saw a lot of popular iOS programs land on Google's platform. You'll be managing your money, planning home improvement projects, and eating at the best places for the best value. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the rest are pretty crucial, too. This app will help you find the best places to eat at the best value, based on your location. So if you're traveling to a place where you're unfamiliar with the food scene, will help you out. Free


Loew's: Remodeling your house? Then you're probably going to be making a lot of trips to Lowe's, and now the home improvement retailer has an app to help you along with the process. Inside you can shop for products, check out reviews, see how-to videos, and plan your entire project. Free

CoinKeeper: Know exactly what you're spending with this finance tracking app. It's been on iOS for quite a while, but it landed on Android just this week. You'll have your finances organized easily and quickly, so you won't feel that panicky feeling when the first of the month rolls around and you've got a bunch of bills to pay. Free

FlipBoard: Though it was supposed to be exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S III, the social reader popped up as a download in the XDA Developers forum, and it's working on a selection of Android devices. It's not officially available yet, but if you're looking if you don't want to wait for the full roll out, it's worth checking out. Free

Advertisement Take turns being the DJ of your personal party with The app lets you play music with your friends in customized rooms, where you can spin whatever tunes you like. You get points for being a popular DJ, but if people don't like what you're spinning, they'll give you the boot. Free