ColdAvenger Mask Heats and Humidifies The Air You Breathe In

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Designed by a physician and inspired by the US and Canadian militaries, the ColdAvenger not only protects the skin from the elements, it also protects your respiratory system with a removable ventilator.

Made of medical grade biocompatible plastic, the ventilator creates a "micro-climate" by mixing inhaled cold air with exhaled warm moisture to achieve a balance of warmth and humidity to protect the airways from the damaging cold. The simple design does all this while allowing totally free-breathing and keeping moisture off the face. The ColdAvenger's patent-pending ventilation technology keeps temperatures inside the mask 40˚- 60˚F higher than outside air.


If you work a lot in the outdoors, or you are an avid skier or snowboarder, I would think that $80 wouldn't be too much to pay to avoid that painful feeling you get when your lungs are full of nothing but dry, cold air. [ColdAvenger via ORW]