A man walking around at night with an iPad lanyard around his neck, displaying semi-nude artwork, could be seen as a meandering perv. Or, as was the case in Bogota, the man is Claudio Arango, and he's an artist.

Office dwellers, before pushing play please note that there are grainy, painted/pixelated boobs in this video:

The artwork is certainly interesting, although I'm going to dock points for not taking advantage of the pinch and zoom features that are native to any Apple touchscreen device these days. Update: Sorry, but points back on the board. As sturm notes below, there is certainly some pinching going on in there.


More seriously, it really is amazing how a feature that's as simple and ubiquitous as touchscreen swiping can still fascinate people. Or maybe it was just the boobs. Either way, that's some simple, yet powerful stuff right there. [YouTube]

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