Comcast None Too Thrilled With FCC's Smackdown of Apartment Cable Contracts

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Comcast ain't so happy about the FCC's vote to ban exclusive apartment contracts for cable providers. Says Sena Fitzmaurice, Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Government Relations:

"Consumers in apartment buildings and condos across the nation received a blow today from the action taken by the FCC. The result of this decision is likely to be higher prices for services and years of litigation and uncertainty for consumers. The significant concessions building owners have been able to bargain for on behalf of their residents will be lost."


The argument for the bustup, however, is that by allowing tenants to choose their own provider, it'll increase competition—since Verizon and AT&T want in the game, for one—and drive down prices as everyone's forced to cut each other's throat to sign up individual renters. Which way will it go? Who knows. The one thing we don't doubt is Comcast's ominous warning of "years of litigation" as this inevitably turns into a courtroom flustercuck. [Reuters, Flickr]

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I gotta agree with pharmboy. What concessions. I pay the same for the triple play service that they advertise to everyone. Total B.S. I prefer a choice.