Comcast To Customer: Pay Us $0.00 Or We'll Cancel Your Service

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A Comcast customer received this letter informing him that his account's currently delinquent and that his service will be canceled if he does not pay the amount owed. The trouble? The amount owed is $0.00. Update: More victims.

Odds are that this letter is the result of a system error, but I still wonder what will happen if this fellow doesn't mail in a check soon. [Reddit]

Update 1: A Gizmodo reader just emailed me to explain that he was in the same situation recently—except instead of Comcast, he was dealing with Charter Communication. He also owed $0.00, but he didn't attempt to pay this odd amount. The result? His service was canceled and Charter Communications tried to get him to pay a $25 fee for the mess.

Update 2: Another reader wrote in about his experience with Comcast:

I just received a copy of this letter myself. I called Comcast when I got it. The woman I spoke with sounded quite unsurprised, and she also laughed a bit about it. I offered to pay my balance in full. She laughed some more. Then she offered me a $10 credit to my account for the inconvenience. I accepted. She also asked me not to tell anyone about the letter, but she did not make the credit dependent on my willingness to stay quiet.