Comic-Con Nerds Strike Back With Counter-Protest

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We've previously reported the lunatic Westboro Baptist Church's bizarre new War on Nerds—now the nerds have turned and staged a staggeringly weird counter-protest at this year's Comic-Con.

While the Westboro people hung about with their usual anti-everything signs, Comic-Con attendees waved around their own awesome geek-themed banners in a hilarious simultaneous protest-protest, ranging from "God Hates Jedis" to the more left field "All Glory To The Hypnotoad." [NineMSN]

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God hates this, God hates that ........ seems to me that God is an arrogant egoist.

Also can someone please explain this to me, if Jesus(not Diaz) is the son of God, who's his mother and if God does not need partner to reproduce than how was Jesus created ? Mitosis ?