Comment Intern Needed to Wield the Mighty Banhammer Against Trolls

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We are looking for someone who will take full control of our comment system and only use the power for good, not evil. It is easy work, but extremely important, so we're gonna pay you. But only a bit. UPDATE.


We are looking for someone who can handle our comment management system, which usually takes an hour or less a day. You will be reading through all new member comments, determining if the commenter has what it takes to be approved for Gizmodo.

The work isn't necessarily hard but it is extremely important. We need a responsible person that is able to manage this every day and will not flake out on the responsibility.


Doesn't matter where you're located, how old you are, or what you look like, we just need a level-headed, dependable person who enjoys reading Gizmodo and would be able to determine a good comment.

You will be paid $100 a month to start, and if you do well we will give you slightly more responsibility and double the pay.

So if you're still interested please send an email to with "Comment THOR" in the subject line explaining a bit about yourself, and why you would be perfect for this internship. You must be over 18.

Correction: Email to, not

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I wonder what you have to do/say to not be allowed to comment at Giz. It cant be that hard, they let me comment here, and look at some of the other crazies, er, um, commenters here.

To butcher Mark Twain, "I am not sure I should be a in an organization that would have me as a member.