Compact Portable Power Dock Soaks Up the Sun

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At one time a toothbrush was your only travel necessity, but these days a backup battery is just as important. And A-Solar has managed to keep their new Power Dock remarkably small and travel-friendly, while still incorporating a solar panel.

With a 6,000 mAh rechargeable battery it packs enough power to completely charge a couple of mobile devices. But it also provides enough juice to even charge the iPad, though, only to about 60% of its full capacity.

A USB port on the back lets you charge its built-in battery from an outlet, when available, or connect it to a computer allowing you to sync your docked device to iTunes. And, even though it has a small footprint, it can also dock and support the larger iPad without toppling over.


For those times when you're away from a power source, just flip over the $106 travel dock to reveal a compact solar panel that's promised to harness the sun's rays even on a cloudy day. Just keep in mind that when it comes to solar power, patience is certainly a virtue. [A-solar via Chip Chick]

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I will never understand the great push for these solar chargers. Are people even outside long enough to charge these things anyway? I mean they take like 6-8 hours of direct sun light to fully charge. Some parts of the country don't even get that much sunlight this time of year.

Indoor things that solar panels are good for:

My calculator.




Outdoor things that solar panels are good for:

Slowly charging a battery.

Feel-good green points.