Confirmed: Alienware Assimilating Dell Gaming, XPS Becoming High-End Consumer Line

One of Dell's official blogs provides a bit of clarity as to the discombobulation of the XPS gaming line in favor of Alienware. Basically, the XPS and Alienware development teams are being fused together, and XPS is going to go in a more high-end consumer direction ("XPS isn't going away, though it may go in new directions as hinted by the XPS One and the slimline XPS m1330") while Alienware totally subsumes Dell's gaming side, becoming "a fantastic global brand that sets benchmarks for gaming." In other words...

Our initial post was more or less on the money—XPS will stick around as a premium (but not gaming) line, and the Alienware brand will lose its remaining luster by becoming the bona fide game face for Dell (with low-enders to boot). [Direct2Dell via Cnet]


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