Congressman Hates on Comcast for BitTorrent Blockage, Won't Do Anything About It

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At least one Congressman is telling Comcast to take a break from its experiment proving why we need net neutrality—Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va), a consumer advocate, told CNet's Chris Soghoian that "Comcast has made a major mistake in attempting to hinder peer-to-peer file sharing as an aspect of its network management" as "file sharing is already being used for a wide variety of perfectly lawful and appropriate applications." More point-blankly, he added Comcast "should not engage in a blanket disqualification of any category of lawful applications." But, he's not willing to put his law-writing pen where his mouth is, bucking at the proposition of legislation—instead he's advocating letting the market take care of it. Cause it's already doing so well solving our telco issues. [CNet]



@s5: wow, you have no idea what you're talking about. The telecom's have a gov't sanctioned monopoly that has been around for decades. If there was an unregulated market, competitors would actually be able to, you know, compete with comcast and offer people a choice: comcast's tiered bandwith pricing, or hypothetical cable company X's open bandwith. That competition would force comcast to adapt or crumble.

Satellite TV gives comcast some great competition, but at this time they don't have internet. I can't believe how ignorant people can be of basic economic principles.

Funny that there are anti-monopoly regulations out there, when government restrictions and sanctions are what allow for monopolies in the first place!