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Keanu Reeves' Constantine Sequel Means JJ Abrams' Constantine Show is Dead, For Now

You get a Hellblazer, I get a Hellblazer? Maybe we all get our own Hellblazers?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Matt Ryan as John Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow.
Image: Warner Bros. Television

Just before the weekend started, Warner Bros. Discovery up and surprised everyone when they revealed that a sequel to their 2005 Constantine movie was in development. With Keanu Reeves and original director Francis Lawrence both set to return, it seemed like a pleasant shock...until one had to remember that way back in 2021, the corporation announced that JJ Abrams was working on a series for the Hellblazer. And like with much of what’s recently happened with HBO Max, the situation for Abrams’ show is now in a weird bind.

Per Variety, the new Constantine show, along with the Madame Xanadu series being headed up True Blood’s Angela Robinson, are both dead at the moment. That said, there is some hope that both shows may live on, as sources say that WB Television and Abrams’ production company Bad Robot are actively looking to find them a home at another streamer. (Something Abrams is already doing with another DC show, Batman: Caped Crusader.) While not much has been talked about regarding either since their announcements last year, Variety added that four scripts for the show, set in a contemporary London, were already done, and that HBO Max was previously in early talks with an actor to play the titular sorcerer.


Licensing shows and IP out to other streaming services or networks appears to be the plan at WB Discovery now. Supernatural horror series don’t really go out of style, and between Sandman and next month’s The Winchesters, there’s clearly a fanbase for these types of projects. Hopefully both shows find a home where they can become the next thing for viewers to obsess over.

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