Control Your Logitech Security Cameras from Your iPad

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With Logitech's new iPad app for its Alert Security Cameras, you can use your tablet to keep an eye on untrustworthy babysitters, look in on sick children, or just stare at your front door for hours on end.

The app gives you control over Logitech's Alert Security Camera, which was released last year and streams 720p video wirelessly through your home network. There are already iPhone, Android and web applications for the camera, but this is the first app developed specifically to take advantage of a tablet's HD video capabilities.


Similar to last year's web and mobile applications, the app is free, but you will have to purchase Logitech's Alert Mobile Commander service at $79/yr if you want the full functionality of controlling the camera remotely. [Logitech, iTunes]

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*but the commander software is still not available for Mac.