Control Your Mac With an iPhone, the Patent

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A newly unearthed Apple patent application describes a process in which an iPhone could control a MacBook or iMac, remotely.


Essentially, the iPhone establishes a connection with the computer, then it can control the OS in a similar manner to a TV remote. Using a virtual d-pad, users navigate through apps, open them remotely and even print. But what's possibly more promising that buttoning around an OS is that voice commands could be deployed to skip many of these navigational hassles.

Apple's Remote app, which allows the control of iTunes over a local network, is still one of my favorite apps on the iPhone. If Apple were to evolve that app into what we see in this patent, it'd only become more handy. [Patently Apple via 9to5Mac]


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I'm still on the fence about getting a mac. *n00b alert* what's that one that has like the 21" screen with the components built in? I like that one — or maybe a macbook — do they ever package them together as a deal?