Cookie Monster Sang About Google 27 Years Ago

Today's Google homepage celebrated the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, but, as this video reveals, Sesame Street's Cookie Monster celebrated Google in a song from 27 years ago. A super fun song of the you'll-giggle-your-socks-off variety, that is.


Yes, it came 16 years before Google ever existed and yes, technically the song is about Cookie Monsters googly eyes, but somehow it still sorta fits as tribute to the search engine giant. I just hope that the next Google homepage doodle includes Cookie Monster instead of Big Bird, 'cause frankly that one gives me the creeps. [Official Google Blog via Techie]

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Platypus Man

Wow, the Google doodle is now Cookie Monster instead of Big Bird (as it was yesterday). Good call Giz!

Also, can anyone tell me why they're doing Sesame Street multiple days in a row when it started November 10, 1969? Or are they doing a whole week? #cookiemonstergooglesong