Cops Use Coin Toss App to Decide Whether to Arrest Woman. She Wins, and They Arrest Her Anyway.

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Screenshot: ABC News

Two police officers in Georgia are on administrative leave after using a coin toss app to determine whether to arrest a woman for allegedly speeding. Body camera footage obtained by WXIA-TV shows officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson questioning, and ultimately detaining the woman. Brown admits in the recording that she doesn’t have equipment to determine the woman’s exact speed.


The footage also reveals Wilson setting the terms of a simulated coin toss: If it landed heads, they’d arrest the woman; tails, they’d release her. The woman “won”—if that’s even the appropriate word given what a mockery of criminal justice this entire scenario is—but it didn’t matter. The officers arrested her on charges of speeding, reckless driving, and driving too fast for conditions.

ABC News aired a segment on the entire ordeal using video provided by the officers’ body cameras:

This isn’t the only case of officers’ own cameras’ revealing misconduct. In LA last year, two officers filmed themselves seemingly planting cocaine on a suspect. And in Baltimore, Officer Richard Pinheiro filmed himself seemingly planting drugs in an suspect’s yard, only to fake footage of “finding” them moments later. This caused dozens of cases linked to Pinheiro to be dropped and eventually led to a department-wide statement telling cops to ensure submitted camera footage reveals “all of the circumstances surrounding the recovery of evidence.”

On Monday, all charges against the coin toss arrestee were dropped.

[WXIA-TV via Daily Dot]

Of course I have pages. I had pages five years ago. How anyone can believe I don’t defies belief.


There is currently no corrective force for law enforcement in this country. Cops almost never face any consequences for their actions and there is no drive from society to push cops to act better. Until we’re all walking around filming every second of our lives I don’t see law enforcement getting any better.