Cornstarch + Water + Subwoofer = Amazing Physics Video

It's Friday, you've been swimming in a sea of iPhone news... so what's better to distract you than this amazing vid. It's a demonstration of the joys of non-Newtonian liquids (look 'em up: amazing things), showing exactly how they can confound your expectations. In this case it's a cornstarch fluid on a metal sheet on a subwoofer, behaving as if gravity is optional. Try it yourself: add cornstarch to water until it just gets to a "weird" state, and then play. Fun hey? Just don't make too much of a mess, particularly if you're at your desk (and why the heck have you got cornstarch handy there?) [Random Good Stuff]


Come on, guys - this is a gadget blog, let's focus on the technology under this bodacious experiment. In other words, give us the specs on that subwoofer? Who cares if it does not matter. WE NEED TO FOCUS — I know it's friday, but I can't let myself be distracted by amazing videos of cornstarch coming to life.