Could Suicide Squad's Main Villain Be A Member Of Their Own Team?

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Plus Wonder Woman may have lined up its villains too. Check out the first Twin Peaks set photos! Elizabeth Olsen teases why Scarlet Witch didn’t show up in the recent Civil War team reveals. Where will Agents of SHIELD season 3 pick up? Plus Legends of Tomorrow photos! So Many Spoilers!


Suicide Squad

A rumor is circulating that the film’s primary antagonist may not actually be The Joker as expected—instead, it’s Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress, who was initially revealed as a member of the Squad (as she had been during the comics). The speculation, from Heroic Hollywood, posits that Enchantress wants to use her magical powers to resurrect her dead brother, and then use him to destroy the world. For now though, this is all unconfirmed, and speculatory at best.

Wonder Woman

Another bit of rumor mongering from Heroic Hollywood, this time that Warner Bros. are allegedly courting Sean Bean and Eva Green for roles as the villains of Wonder Woman. Bean would play Ares, the Greek God of War, while Green would play sorceress, and repeated thorn in Diana’s side, Circe.

It makes sense that Warner Bros. are looking to cast the movie, considering it’s due to begin filming in November, but neither Green or Bean have been confirmed to be in talks with Warner Bros. yet, so treat this solely as a rumor.

I Kill Giants

Zoe Saldana has been cast in the adaptation of the Image comic about a young girl who is tormented by battles with imaginary and real monsters. Saldana will play a school psychologist helping the protagonist Barbara (Madison Wolfe) deal with her internal and external problems, becoming a close friend. [THR]


Captain America: Civil War

Elizabeth Olsen has spoken out about why Scarlet Witch did not appear on either Captain America or Iron Man’s squads in the recently revealed concept art:

She’s OK. She’s doing alright. She’s confused, she’s conflicted. She’s found some people she thinks she connects with, but she’s doing alright. They released images of Team Cap and Team Iron Man. She wasn’t there. She’s always the wild card. I like being the wild card.


The actress also briefly teased an evolution in how Wanda’s powers are projected:

It’s not a new hand technique per say. We’re trying to grow her movement as a whole… Jenny [White, movement coach on Age of Ultron] and I have great pride in trying to make this a huge transformation — the next time we see her — of her abilities.



Game Of Thrones

The Babadook actress Essie Davis has been cast an actress in the recently revealed Braavos-based theatre troupe. Davis’ character will allegedly lampoon Cersei Lannister in a play looking back at the recent history of Westeros. [TV Line]


Agents Of SHIELD

Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon discuss the setup for how season 3 begins:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where is the new season picking up?

MAURISSA TANCHAROEN: Three months have passed — you’ll feel that as soon as the first episode begins. There are new partnerships within the team, there’s definitely a new mission and you’ll feel the state of the world and what’s happening and you’ll understand the time shift right away.

What can you tease for the origins of the Secret Warriors team?

TANCHAROEN: It’s going to be a very slow build to what you see in Secret Warriors. It’s in very, very nascent stages when we first come into the season. Daisy [Chloe Bennet] is the only power person on the team.

WHEDON: And while there is a desire to put a team together like that, there are so many complications and so many aspects to it that make it difficult that it will not be up and running right away. It’s something that’s a long-term goal of Coulson’s [Clark Gregg], but right now they’re in such emergency mode and there are so many things standing in their way. They need a solution to this problem that they don’t have yet. We’ll see that that desire to fill it is potentially a problem too because they don’t want to rush into things, so it will be a slow burn.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi has a bizarre, yet excellent desire for a guest star on the show: David Bowie! In the same interview, the actor also discusses the process of picking out the guitar that The Doctor is seen playing during the trailers for season 9:

We had a great day when I went to pick the Doctor’s guitar. We went to Denmark street and went to various vintage guitar shops, looking for Doctor Who’s guitar. And I first I thought it should be like a Stratocaster or a Telecaster, one of those old classic guitars, but they all started to look like I was having a midlife crisis. We ended up with a guitar that looked like a Fender Stratocaster that had been described to someone who had never seen one.

That [joke] is hilarious, if you’re into guitars.

[Radio Times]

Scream Queens

Patrick Schwarzenegger (son of Arnold) will make his TV-acting debut in the series, playing an undisclosed relative of one of the characters on the show. He’ll first appear in an episode airing this November. [TV Line]


Twin Peaks

Filming has begun on the revived series—here’s a few pictures of sets being set up for filming.


Meanwhile, a Reddit user who claimed to witness some of the filming mentioned that Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), Everett McGill (Big Ed), Wendy Robie (Nadine) were all seen filming scenes for the show. [Comic Book]


The Flash

Here’s a new extended version of the recently released season 2 trailer featuring Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash.


Here’s a few new promo pictures from the season 2 premiere, “Grumpy Old Liv”. Go to the link to see more. [Spoiler TV]

Image for article titled Could Suicide Squad's Main Villain Be A Member Of Their Own Team?
Image for article titled Could Suicide Squad's Main Villain Be A Member Of Their Own Team?

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

Sara Lance/White Canary actress Caity Lotz has shared a few photos from filming. We’re guessing the picture of Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) relaxing in a lounger is not from a scene in the show. Head to the link to see a few more pictures from behind the scenes. [Spoiler TV]


American Horror Story: Hotel

Finally, here’s a new brief teaser for the season.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Top image: Suicide Squad.




I am disappointed Hawkman is going to be a prominent character in Legends of Tomorrow. I kinda liked it when sounded like it would be Hawkwoman* kind of like in Justice League. Especially if they are going the “soulmates” thing.

*I don’t really care for weird insistence on calling grown female heroes girl in the moniker. Hawkwoman and Hawkboy, see how weird it is reversed? Sounds like he is 10 years old and maybe her son.