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Cowon Q5W PMP Has Wi-Fi, Touchscreen, 60GB Storage, GPS

Illustration for article titled Cowon Q5W PMP Has Wi-Fi, Touchscreen, 60GB Storage, GPS

The Cowon Q5W could be one of the most feature-rich PMPs we've seen yet, even beating out Archos's big boys in terms of how much stuff you can cram into a music and video player. Oh, and it's not nearly as un-carriable as the Archos devices either, which is fantastic.


It's got Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 600MHz processor, 5-inch touchscreen LCD, 40-60GB of storage, flash-player, wireless remote, FM radio, voice recorder, stereo speakers, component/composite/S-Video TV out, RAW support for various cameras, super video codec support (DivX, XviD, MPEG4, WMV7/8/9) at 720x480, super audio support MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, WAV, FLAC, APE, MPC), and a battery life of 13 hours (audio) and seven hours (video). Best of all it's only $549 for the 40GB version and $599 for the 60GB version. Even better? There's an optional car mount in order to either use all its multimedia capabilities on, OR, use it as a GPS! Stick around for a hands-on of this in the next couple of days. [Cowon]

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I am finishing up the Q5W review on []]. Hopefully, by the end of today.

Just a heads up. Even though the Q5W packs more features than any PMPs out there, its usability is very questionable. It relies heavily on Windows CE 5.0 user interface, which is not very user friendly. Also, some UI elements are too small to be manipulated by the index finger so using the stylus is a must.

By the way, the current version of Windows CE is 6.0, which was released in November of last year; WinCE 5.0 was released in 2004. So keep in mind that the product runs on a 3 year-old operating system.

Lastly, it is quite buggy. I attempted to play a .mov file on it, and the movie player just crashed on me. The unit was not able to locate my WPA-enabled wireless signal. Only when I turn the encryption off that it was able to find it. Once I turned the encryption back on, it was then able to locate the signal again. Also, the WiFi signal drops frequently.

You guys might want to hold on to the Archos 605 WiFi for now.

Again, I'll have the review ready by the end of today. You be the judge whether the Q5W is better than the 605 or not.