Create Custom Ebook Encyclopaedias From Wikipedia

Illustration for article titled Create Custom Ebook Encyclopaedias From Wikipedia

Wikimedia has announced that you can now create free, custom encyclopaedias from Wikipedia articles by rolling them all up into a single ebook that you carry with you wherever you go.


It's not a difficult process: click the "Create a book" link located in Wikipedia's left sidebar, collate the articles you want to include (you can include complete categories, which makes great sense), and then export it as a PDF or EPUB file. There's a little video tutorial you can watch if you need more help but don't worry: it's really easy.

While the idea of offline Wikipedia sounds a bit weird, it's a great solution for researching topics when you're off-grid, or perhaps as a way to keep a reference guide to hand when you're out in the field. What will feature in your custom encyclopaedia? [Wikimedia via The Next Web]


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